The Word for 2016

Innovative... to make changes in… to try for the very first time…

This year- 2016- is going to be a year of innovation for me. Our classes are establishing our first writer’s blog. We are going to take the school’s Writing Guild into the 22nd century!

Our class is going to create a new digital magazine for future classrooms to use as a resource. We will be writing biographies of important men and women in the history/ science classes, conducting a green screen interview dramatization, completing a study guide for our biographies, use the program Cahoots to create a study session, and writing an assessment for the future student body to prove that they have acquired knowledge of each of our researched men and women.

I will not only be learning- and hoping to master- producing green-screen videos, I will be using Cahoots, Nearpod, and Socrative as classroom tools for teaching.

I hope to stretch myself and start up my own YouTube Channel.

As you can see, this year… I am shooting for the stars!

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Written to Introduce Myself. Requirements: Pick a word to describe the year in front of you.