Topic 5: WG 2016-2017

Welcome to Topic 5 of Writer’s Guild 2016-2017

chickens October

Welcome. I’m glad you decided to join us. (Yes, that is sarcastically tacky.)  I know… and you know… that this is an assignment, but hopefully you will enjoy the assignments in our blog.

Here’s How to Play

Every two weeks, I will add five to seven photo/ topic prompts to our blog. Your job is to pick from the ones you like and write a grand flash, or a haiku, or a free verse. I will try to keep switching it up so that there is something new here often.

Step One

Create a haiku this week using this picture prompt. (Actually, if you can… create a series of haiku to tell the story.) Create your story with a intriguing beginning, a swift-moving plot (the middle) and an appropriate conclusion.

REMEMBER: The Rules for a Haiku 

Step Two

After completing your first draft, read your story six or seven times to make sure that it reads smoothly. Remember, you- the author- already know what you want to say… but are you sure that your reader understands what you wanted to say? Have you left out any important parts? Are there better word choices that you could make that would make your story a better story?

REMEMBER: For Haiku…. WORD CHOICE!!!! is VEry, VEry, VEry ImPoRtAnT!

Step Three

AFTER HAVING READ YOUR STORY OVER and OVER for a THREE or FOUR DAY PERIOD… proofread your story for the final chance at fixing spelling errors. Then invite a fellow student to critique your work.

Step Four

Once you are happy with your haiku, place it in the comments sections of our blog entries. Be sure to include your PEN NAME only!

Soon, fellow readers will read your flash and rejoice in your accomplishments.

Be sure to invite your folks and grandfolks and uncles and aunts and grand-cousins to follow our blog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to have three of four writing selections in your writing wheel.


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