A Business Letter

snoppy typingWhile the writing of a friendly letter may be becoming a lost art. The business world will never lose its need for correspondence.

There are appropriate formats and necessary ‘niceties’ that have to be adhered to for proper business correspondence if you wish to be taken seriously.

While the mode of the delivery of a business letter has been electronically revolutionized, the need for properly carrying out the task of the correspondence has not changed.

New technology has lead to new forms and meanings of ‘politeness and niceties’ as well as the way to verify the receiving this correspondence. Even the saving and retrieval of correspondence has been transformed.

This school year, we are going to try to find reasons to write several versions of a business letter.

You will need them as you begin the search of schools and future job training.

You might even need a business letter for a local store’s complaint department to seek the rectifying of a problem with a purchase.

Click here for more information about BUSINESS LETTERS. 


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