Here are four different videos of popular book presented by way of a BookTalk.

As you peruse each video, make special note of the things that you particularly liked (or did not like) in each video.

Watch how each presenter takes advantage of thier varied personality eccentricities.

Chose the best traits from each. Try to avoid doing the things you found disingenuous to your personality.

Complete the BOOKTALK template (paying careful attention to the rubric).

I look forward seeing your presentation.

Video #1: Tom Sawyer

Video #2: Peter Pan

Video #3: Twilight (Book 1)

Video #4: The Secret Garden

Make your ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list from each of the videos.

You might even want to try videotaping your BOOKTALK. ???

For more assistance and Your WORKSHEET and grading RUBRIC, click here. 


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